Christmas celebrations 2017

A relaxed and fun night was had by all at the club Christmas party this year.


President, John Roelofs, even had us all singing the refrain to his cheeky song about the club.

The following awards were presented by secretary, Peter Attard:

The Wallflower Award for the most shy and retiring member to Barry Healy.Wallflower Award - Barry Healy (3)

The Best Coiffure Award, for the member with the most high maintenance hairdo, to Nan Kelsey.Best Coiffured - Nan Kelsey

The Raconteur Award, for the member who hates “tall tales” and cheeky jokes to Rob Garbutt.DSC_0314

The Rhett Butler Award, to the member who just doesn’t “give a damn” about regulations and having things “just so”, to Heather Twyerould.DSC_0310

The Sartorial Splendour Award, for the member who spends the most time on their attire, to Jim Beale.Best Dressed - Jim Beale

And the Best Aussie Accent Award, for the member who speaks in the best “Strine” and has the best grasp of Aussie Slang, to Jeanette Fraser.

Best Aussie Accent - Jeanette Fraser (2)

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