Presentation Day for Season 2017 – 2018

The club held its Presentation Day on the afternoon of 29th April.  The afternoon began with an enjoyable & relaxed game of social bowls before members gathered in the club house for afternoon tea and the presentations.Club members - Presentation Day 2018 (2)

The winner of the club Mens’ Singles championship for this was none other than our club President John Roelofs.John Roelofs (Pres) - Mens Singles champ 2018 (3)

The Ladies Singles championship was won by Vice President Dorothy Shroeder.Dorothy Shroeder (V Pres) - Ladies Singles champ 2018 (2)

The Mens’ Doubles championship was won by Rob Garbutt (right) & Ian Williams (absent).Rob Garbutt (minus Ian Williams) - Mens Doubles champs 2018

The Mixed Doubles championship was won by John Roelofs & Dorothy Shroeder.Dorothy Shroeder (V Pres) & John Roelofs (Pres) - Mixed Doubles champs 2018

The Ladies 100 up victor was Heather Twyerould.Heather Twyerould - Ladies 100 up champ 2018 (2)

And the Mens 100 up victor was club Secretary Peter Attard.Peter Attard (secretary) - Mens 100 up champ 2018

Members of our Division 4 Penant team in attendance who were runners-up this season received awards.  EGBA Div 4 runners up 2017-18 (3)

Left to right: Rae Whelan, Chris Wain, (president John Roelofs), Bernie Fitzgerald, Judy Banks, Janette Fraser & Barb Dooley.

Janette Fraser also received her EGBA (East Gippsland Bowls Association) Veteran’s membership badge.Jeanette Fraser - EGBA veteran

Also receiving awards were Barb Dooley who won the Ladies Novice Singles Championship this year for both the EGBA as well as becoming the Victorian State Champion.Barbara Dooley - EGBA & RVBA ladies novice champ 2017 (2)

As well as Bernadette Attard who was runner-up to Barb in the EGBA Ladies Novice Singles Championship.Bernie Attard - EGBA Ladies Novice runner-up 2017 (2)

Congratulations to all on your achievements this year.

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