Bancroft Mixed Fours Tournament – 31st January 2019

It certainly wasn’t Summer weather for our Bancroft Mixed Fours tournament on the last day of January, with a cloudy day and strong, chilly wind, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.IMG_3480IMG_3483IMG_3486IMG_3492IMG_3496IMG_3499IMG_3506IMG_3511IMG_3512IMG_3514IMG_3515

We had a good turnout on the day and everyone enjoyed some good play.IMG_3517IMG_3530IMG_3528IMG_3521IMG_3535IMG_3522IMG_3526IMG_3529IMG_3534

A delicious light lunch and yummy, home made sponges to accompany their afternoon tea.


The winning team in the first round of games were from Orbost Bowls Club.  They were:

Skip: Karen Chenney   3rd: Chris Frew   2nd:  Colleen Parker  Lead: Sue Robinson.20190131_161222

The winning team in the second round were from Lakes Entrance Bowls Club.  They were:   

Skip: Dennis Oliva    3rd: Lorna Tiziana    2nd: J. Oliva    Lead: Margaret Simpson.20190131_161309

The winners of the third round were from Metung Bowls Club.  They were: 

Skip: Cheryl Warner    3rd: Ken Warner    2nd: Peter McNair    Lead: Alex Dunbar.20190131_161426

The overall runners-up on the day were from Bairnsdale Golf & Bairnsdale Bowls Clubs.  They were: 

Skip: Ian Hamilton    3rd: Mick Hogan    2nd: Judi Hogan    Lead: Nanette Hamilton.20190131_161523

The overall winners on the day were from Metung Bowls Club.  They were: 

Skip: Jim Beale    3rd: Rob Garbutt    2nd: Mandy Beale    Lead: Chris Wain.20190131_161642

Those who didn’t have a win on the green still had plenty of options of taking something home with a number of raffle prizes available.IMG_3546IMG_3551IMG_355320190131_161046IMG_3548IMG_3554

As well as congratulating all our winners, we would like to thank the Club members whose efforts made this a great day, as well as the members from the other clubs in the East Gippsland Region who joined us on the day to make it such a success.

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